The Deepness 089

The Deepness with Llupa 090

May 27, 2021 | The Deepness

Kept it nice and deep for this one, but with a mix of styles and genres – which was great to play. Quite a few current fave tunes in this one – enjoy!

The Deepness – 2 hours of the deep stuff to get lost to, every fortnight. No talking – All tunes.


  1. Tor – Foxglove [Youth and Progress Recordings]
  2. Mass Digital – The Light [Hoomidaas]
  3. Nico Stojan, Mira (Berlin) – Born and Raised (Be Svendsen Remix) [Sweet Musique]
  4. NODO – Kintsugi (Zone+ Remix) [Canopy Sounds]
  5. Kentaro Takizawa, Mule (ARG) – Shiretoko [Canopy Sounds]
  6. Khen – Out Of A Dream [Lost Miracle]
  7. DJ Ino, MC Johnny Def – The Traveler (Pablo Bolivar Remake) [Be Adult Music]
  8. Fulltone – Hot Air Balloon [Canopy Sounds]
  9. Flux Flow Project – On a Trip [Electronic Tree]
  10. Hraach – After Dark [Hoomidaas]
  11. Pambouk – The Magic of Athens [Hoomidaas]
  12. Mind Against – Walking Away [Afterlife Records]
  13. Gorge, Marc Lenz – Ansia [8Bit]
  14. Bebetta, CIOZ – Elephant On Ebay (Innellea Remix) [Natura Viva]
  15. Rodriguez Jr. – Nairobi [Mobilee Records]
  16. Flowers on Monday – Allowed to Try [All Day I Dream]
  17. Rashid Ajami – You Don’t Know Me (Madraas Remix) [Tale & Tone]
  18. Matthias Meyer, Xinobi – Lacuna [Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings]
  19. Radical Fantasy & Amir Telem – Eunoia [Kindisch]
  20. Mitch Oliver – Power of Now [Kindisch]
  21. Erol Arda – Illusive Love [Kindisch]
  22. Mark Howls, Swann Decamme – Elyxium (feat. JOMA) (Nhii Remix) [Magician On Duty]
  23. Maga, Nhii – Bonding [Kindisch]
  24. Liset Alea, Rodriguez Jr. – What Is Real (Deep in the Playa Mix) [Mobilee Records]