The Deepness 088

The Deepness with Llupa 088

Apr 22, 2021 | The Deepness

First show in New Zealand – that was a bit of longer break than anticipated… but keen to get back to the regular shows now all settled in 🙂 So, this show was lots of new stuff and ending up on a bit of a proggy tip with some rolling and uplifting tunes – enjoy!

The Deepness – 2 hours of the deep stuff to get lost to, every fortnight. No talking – All tunes.


  1. Archaellum – Reflections [This Never Happened]
  2. Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis – Cafuné [Watergate Records]
  3. Thyladomid – Now Or Never [Traum]
  4. Guhus – The Eternal Sunshine [Dreamers]
  5. Pablo Bolivar – Cunna [Seven Villas]
  6. about : river – Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]
  7. Nhar – Irene’s Kaleidoscope [Seven Villas]
  8. Mass Digital – Restless Skies [Hoomidaas]
  9. Lee Burridge, Lost Desert – Forget [TRYBESof]
  10. Slow Hearts – Endora [All Day I Dream]
  11. Double Touch, Reigan – Greatest Day feat. Reigan (Lost Desert Remix) [All Day I Dream]
  12. Khetouin, Orange & Indigo – Robot Meditation (Nico Szabo Remix) [3rd Avenue]
  13. Wassu, djimboh – Kavi [TRYBESof]
  14. Zazou, El Mundo – Where Have We Been [Voltaire Music]
  15. Michael A – Sub Station [Genesis Music]
  16. Rudhaman – Balafon [George V Records]
  17. Underground Allstars – Hail To The Seraphim (Silinder Remix) [Pro B Tech Music]
  18. Neptun 505 – Magnets (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) [Magnitude Recordings]
  19. Nico Szabo – Raccoon [TRYBESof]
  20. Juan Deminicis – Disorder (Andrea Cassino Remix) [Soundteller Records]
  21. Jiminy Hop – In the Right Place at the Right Time [Balkan Connection]
  22. Guy J, Roy Rosenfeld – Aroma [Lost & Found]