The Deepness

The Deepness with Llupa 045

Jul 26, 2018 | The Deepness

This one was on quite a deep, groovy tip with a bit of cheekiness to close the show out. New stuff from Rapossa, DP-6, Serge Devant, Sam Shure, Valeron and new artists in the form of Shai T, Yoram and K Nass. Loving being back on NSB Radio, does mean I might start doing a little more talking as have a live audience. Enjoy!

The Deepness – 2 hours of the deep stuff to get lost to, every fortnight. The best Deep House, Deep Techno, Melodic House, Progressive House and Electronica.


01. Rapossa – Sphere of Dreams [WAYU Records]
02. Valeron – Hesperides [Bercana Music]
03. Giddyhead – There Came (Superlounge Remix) [Sound Avenue]
04. Budakid – Black Mountain (Jonas Saalbach Remix) [Audiomatique Recordings]
05. Elfenberg – Lotus (Mirco Niemeier Remix) [Metanoia]
06. Adisyn – Digital Heart [Kindisch]
07. Vladimir Virus – Svoboda (Stas Perfecto Lounge Space Remix) [Rebellious]
08. Shai T – Exodus [Lump Records]
09. Nu – Geno (Bedouin Remix) [Sprinkler]
10. Rapossa – Caravan (Hrag Mikkel Remix) [Leveldva]
11. Yoram – Nocturne (Modd Remix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
12. K Nass – Oedipus Complex [Evocative]
13. DP-6 – Synesthesia [Suffused Music]
14. Simple Things Project – 13Mrgaritas (Clode Remix) [Sound Tool Records]
15. DAVI, Armen Miran – Corrected [Evocative]
16. Sam Shure – Nandoo [Stil Vor Talent]
17. uP & pG, David Kareyan – Follow You [Tenor Recordings]
18. Marc Poppcke – Subconscious Mind [Crossfrontier Audio]
19. Dahu – Desolate [Steyoyoke]
20. Sous Sol – Blurred Strings [Sol Selectas]
21. Serge Devant – White Groove [Crosstown Rebels]
22. Oliver Koletzki – Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously [Stil Vor Talent]