DBS337: Disc Breaks with Llupa – 11th June 2015

Jun 11, 2015 | Disc Breaks

DBS337: ah, after an unprecedented 3 weeks off – due to illness, a troll hacking the station and then me being on holiday – it was great to be back. This show was a slab of the new stuff I’m into at the moment, some twisted, some four to the floor, some broken – all deep and groovy – enjoy! Cut a little short as my mac decided to crash a couple of times while I was setting up :/

01. Deeply Unexpected & Spinnet pres. Space Scavengers – Birds Of Canada [Deep Garnet Records]
02. Andels (CZ) – Man and Machines [Kiosek Records]
03. Samaris – Þott Hann Rigni [One Little Indian Records]
04. Buc Naztee – Deviate [Mind Over Matter]
05. Vessels – Glass Lake (Olerton Remix) [Bias]
06. Huff – Dusty Feet (Beat Tempest Remix) [Census Sound]
07. Pig&Dan, Alberto Ruiz – Juernes [ELEVATE]
08. Cafeman – This Is Acid (The Lucky 23 Remix) [Census Sound]
09. Isolate – Artilect (Big Mistake Remix) [Sub Element Records]
10. Yreane – True Story (Ben Coda Remix) [LOT49]
11. Meat Katie, Dopamine – Believe In Me [LOT49]
12. Negativ, Merce – Kicks [voxnox Records]
13. Roy Apron – The Kicks [Rival Turf]
14. Hironimus Bosch – Whippin The 5 [Kiosek Records]
15. Eric Rigo – Bora Bora (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [Morphosis Records]
16. Prodigy – Narayan [XL]
17. BreaksMafia – German Empire [Selecta Breaks Records]
18. Colombo – My Mind Strange (Breaks Mix) [iBreaks]
19. DNCH – Kraut [Kiosek Records]
20. resistor – 8-Bit Krush [Dead Famous Records]
21. Phi Phi – Alone (Audio Noir Rekonstruction) [Bonzai Progressive]