DBS329: Disc Breaks with Llupa – 19th March 2015

Mar 19, 2015 | Disc Breaks

DBS329: Went on little retrospective mix with this one as was massively inspired by 2 new tunes on the deep breaks tip; ‘Mechanical Pressure – LV426 [RUNE Recordings]’ and ‘Sonority – Could Be Normal (Turtlesquad Remix) [Kiosek Records]’- both are brilliant tunes and really capture my love for the deeper breakbeat sound.

While there was lots of old stuff, there was plenty of new stuff too; Grove – Hit The Ground (VIP mix) [Dead Famous Records], Sloth – Failed Drug [Tek Records], Slugware – Gamma Freak (Blanilla Remix) [VIM Records] and Kid Digital, NineLives The Cat – Lose It (BETA remix) [BBZ Records] – all rocking my boat right now – enjoy!

01. Mechanical Pressure – LV426 [RUNE Recordings]
02. Dan F – The Politics Of Summer (Flack.su Remix) [Glack Audio]
03. Sonority – Could Be Normal (Turtlesquad Remix) [Kiosek Records]
04. Rcaine – Dream Warrior [AUX]
05. Elite Force – Reclaim The Airwaves (PMT Remix) [LOT49]
06. Dopamine – Brave New World [Title Fight Records]
07. Cafeman – Austronaut (Theme From Koala’s Dream) [VIM Records]
08. Resonant Status – Get It Straight [Audio Theory Records]
09. Ion Driver – Hang In There (Halo Version) [Ricochet Records]
10. Michael McNabb – Ready, Set, Groove [M-Toxin Recordings]
11. Karl Sav – Fusion [Ayra Recordings]
12. Resistor – Critical Path [VIM Records]
13. Youthful Implants vs. Tigerfunk – Heatseeker (Jeroen van Aken Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
14. CUT & RUN – Vienna [Crisp Biscuit]
15. Stake – Morgana [Runwest Records]
16. Peter Paul – Oh My Girl! (Alex Clubbers Remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
17. Slugware – Gamma Freak (Blanilla Remix) [VIM Records]
18. Kid Digital, NineLives The Cat – Lose It (BETA remix) [BBZ Records]
19. Guillotine – Vine Climb [Most Addictive Records]
20. Grove – Hit The Ground (VIP mix) [Dead Famous Records]
21. The Prodigy – Climbatize
22. Guau – Ant Killer [Elektroshok Records]
23. Sloth – Failed Drug [Tek Records]
24. Robosapiens – Bodies (Hedflux Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
25. Sloth, Frequency Less – Serious (Frequency Less Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
26. Fletric – Into Sunrise (Kwah Remix) [VIM Gold]