DBS325: Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Sparkless – 12th February 2015

Feb 12, 2015 | Disc Breaks

This week on the DBS we’re back to the guest mixes and featuring a DJ out of the Ukraine with a very deep and cool sound – Sparkless. I was put onto him by the guys at RUNE Recordings and this mix is spot on for the DBS, deep and proggy and quality.


Sparkless – is digital DJ with over a decade of experience playing a variety of styles – from house & soul disco to breaks & drum’n’bass. His sets consistently appear in the charts of PromoDJ.Ru portal, and his live appearances are frequent in the clubs and parties around Kiev, Ukraine. He is also a resident DJ and a highly active supporter of RUNE Recordings.

Respect to Sparkless for a deep and lush mix full of some damn cool broken beat. My mix was also deep with a dose of the prog, but still managed to squeeze in some techno and have a bit of a rinse in towards the end 😉


01. Betelgeuze – The Water Under The Sky [Flying Music Reloaded]
02. Ghebro – Slow Down [Karma Sunset]
03. Morten Granau – Tao Te Ching [Complex Textures]
04. Metha – Radar [VIM Records]
05. Andrees, Yakoff – Sorcery [OLD SQL Recordings]
06. Quincy – In Balance (Airwave Breaks Mix) [Complex Textures]
07. Aquastic – Space Mountain (Omauha Remix) [Magnetism Digital]
08. Mathov – Time Break (Esok Remix) [Mistique Music]
09. M.Pravda – Destiny (Nik Mechikov Breaks Remix) [National Sound Records]
10. Kid Digital – Acidophile (Mechanical Pressure mix) [BBZ]
11. Blacklist & Dirt Revolver – Global (VIP mix) [CDR]
12. Michael Giacchino – UNKLE Reconstruction [Walt Disney Records]
13. Runa vs. In Progress – Saam (Under This Remix) [Expand Records]

DBS Guest Mix – Sparkless

01. Reii – Lynx 404
02. Plu-Ton – Libration Of The Moon (Original Mix)
03. Abdomen Burst – Stella
04. Andrew Philippov – Silver Lining – Affective Remix
05. 02.Audio Teq & Dan K – Another Reality (Tee-Ex Remix)
06. Flashtech – I Am Free (Original Mix)
07. Adrian Heathcote – The Assassin (Original Mix)
08. Benz&MD – Dilation Phrakture Remix
09. Loquai – Gamma Rays (Trukers Remix)
10. Max Gueli – Mass Attraction