Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Llupa – 321 – 15th January 2015

Jan 15, 2015 | Disc Breaks

This week I thought I’d be a little self indulgent seeing as my Breach EP is dropping on the 19th of this month, so I did a show featuring me! yep, 2+ hours of only Llupa original tunes and remixes – some older remixes and a couple fresh ones. even had a couple of ‘first plays’ with a new tune from me called ‘Fully Booked’ and a remix I just got back from the Masterers for Grove’s mighty ‘Hit the Ground’.

Next week I’m at a work function but you’ll be in good hands as Roboteknic will be doing a DBS takeover for the full 2 hours!

Listen to the previews here:


01. Llupa – Release [RUNE Recordings]
02. Phase Animator – Nyota (Llupa’s Uhura Remix) [Box Set Records]
03. Yadek – Believe In Me (Llupas Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
04. T.R.O. – Dispersing Sound (Llupa’s Kollektiv Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
05. A:B:S – Zia (Llupa’s Twirling Remix) [Elliptical Sun Records]
06. Llupa – Breach [RUNE Recordings]
07. Home Alone – Tobacco (Llupa’s 16mg Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
08. Max Hertzz – Whale Riderz (Llupa’s Across The Ocean Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
09. Aggresivnes – Essence (Llupa┬┤s Passive Remix) [Electroshok Records]
10. DiiSTORTiiON – Taken (Llupa’s Liberation Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
11. Superpolitik – Break It Down (Llupa Remix) [Polar Red]
12. DiiSTORTiiON & Llupa – Laser Power [iBreaks]
13. Trukers & Bass Station – Gravity On The Dance Floor (Llupa’s Feather Drop Remix) [VIM Records]
14. Llupa – Gamma [iBreaks]
15. Andy Faze & Llupa – Empty Your Mind [In Bloom Recordings]
16. Llupa – Over And Out [RUNE Recordings]
17. Jinx feat Brainz – Big Fat Ass (Llupa’s Hairy Crack Remix) [Yellow Finger]
18. Sinners Inc – Drop The Bass (Llupa’s Drop The Deep Remix) [Definition:Breaks]
19. Downgroove – Puedo Sentirlo (Llupa’s Rolling Thunder Remix) [Ellipitcal Sun Records]
20. Llupa – Fully Booked [iBreaks PREVIEW]
21. Resistor – EV SixtyNine (Llupa’s I Will Not Be Pushed Remix) [VIM Records]
22. Llupa – Ignition [iBreaks]
23. Grove – Hit The Ground (Llupa’s Overload Remix) [CDR]
24. Parallax Breakz – Shadow (Llupa’s Me And My Remix) [RUNE Recordings]