Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Maxim Hix & Under This – 319 – 18th December 2014

Dec 18, 2014 | Disc Breaks

After missing last weeks show as not eel, this week I have 2 guests for you Maxim Hix and Under This – both a re HUGe in their own way…

Maxim Hix – Interview

1.For the people who dont know who you are, who are you, where are you from ?

My name is Maxim Pahanov – I’m from Moscow – Russia. I was born in an ordinary family where the mother was typist and father worked as an engineer . Nobody of my family was involved in music. Moreover in teen I loved predominantly Russian rock and pop music – so it seems strange for musician with deep electronic direction.
All had changed when I met Scooter group from Germany with their unbelievable, amazing sound. It happened in the age of 18. It turned all my imagination about electronic sound. I started to track all their releases, started to find a similar sound (in the middle of 90s in our country was popular happy hardcore underground style).
Meantime a special electronic radio station started to broadcast in Moscow.

I switched my interests to the radio and immersed into the deep sound of electronic music. Primary I was in love with Trance and Progressive. In 2000 I encountered with a CD in the shop which had been dedicated to the creation music – it called Dance eJay. In short this software allowed to connect different parts of samples with each other. So that time I thought how simple can be created music )) All has changed when a friend of mine gave me a link to the Orion Pro v.2 software. That was very difficult to create something in this program since I had to plug in several VSTi synths. I had no music background education and I thought that the time to change it. I entered in the music school in the age of 21 and had been studying in piano section for a year. I had learned to distinguish different notes, I bought a real synthezator Yamaha DGX-200 and tried hard with it, I started to be a member of CJCITY.RU website dedicated to all young artists and producers. Finally I had made several tracks in Trance style and they were warmly accepted at the site by other musicians. I started to obtain different offers to play as a DJ in the night clubs. Very soon DJ work became a main my profession and I gave up to create tracks for a while. I tried myself in promotion, creating different parties in the Moscow area, bring foreign artists to the Moscow dance floor. That was cool time.

But the world was changing very fast and DJ profession in our country without making your own tracks became useless. Nobody wanted to make a deal with ordinary DJs. Everyone could make a mix of tracks using different software. So I started to create a track per year, tried to press out something from my mind. My last track was written in Reason 4 in 2007. Then I gave up all things which ever connected me with music. I became an ordinary listener… got a job in software protection company, got a good position of sales manager. It seemed all is okay…but something inside me wasn’t giving me a comfort from this life …
A year ago this “something” said me: Max you are dealing with bullshit, you can’t control what is just hid inside you.
It’s insane but I visited a special training course for young producers and musicians and it gave me a powerful of cheerfulness.

I changed up my mind concerning the style of music. I mean a style in which I want to create. I still love Trance and Progressive House, I still love Psy Trance and Psy Progressive music, I still visiting parties but I can’t create such music. All what inside me can be carried out only with Breaks music. I realized that my music has very narrow round of listeners since it doesn’t have ordinary strings and bass and rhythm. I grown up and accustomed to Trance sound so I want to submit such sound into the Breaks music. It is very wide style, so I can do almost everything in it, expand frameworks, mix different styles, bring very deep sound.

2.Tell us a bit about how you got involved within the Break Wind Family.
That’s simple. I pinged out through SoundCloud web form to Break Wind Productions with request to listen to my music as I had just finished my album.
Within next day Mr. Boba sent “hi” to me and said that some of stuff are fit to BWFP style and he is ready to release them.
I was really surprised by the prompt answer and warm relation from Boba, so I had assigned my tracks for Break Wind at the same moment.

3.How long have you been making music and what started your journey into the world of Breakbeat?
All have started from Dance eJay in 1999 as a funny entertainment which has grown in something big, than just get fun. Then continued in 2002 with Trance.
Only in 2011 I have started my journey into the world of Breaks.

4.Tell us a bit about yourself outside of music, hobbies, Job, things you do when not making music?
When I do not making music I’m working as a product manager at VoD service 🙂 I also try to pay a lot of attention to my wife.
But if I have a free time, I usually try to play PC games, FPS and Actions are my favorite.
From 2006 till 2010 I was involved into making night parties (had to be CTO of the company) in Moscow with Trance DJs as Mat Zo, Daniel Kandi, Rafael Frost, Bart Claessen, etc.

5.What is in store for the future for you within music?
I don’t know really what life prepared for me for tomorrow, but hopefully I will be able to continue making groovy tracks, try different styles.
Got plans to make LIVE performance, that’s what I like the most.

6.What toys do you have in the studio and what is your weapon of Choice?
Reason 6,5, T-Racks3 for the final mastering and MIDI M-Audio Oxygen 25 for making melodies. Weapon of Choice

7.Who are your musical influences of past and who are you excited about in the present?
I have been inspired by a lot of Trance artists such as Solarstone, Airwave, AndyMoor, Yahel, John00Fleming, Hybrid, Cosmonaut.
It’s strange that all artists above are Trance guys, but if you take a look at my tracks you won’t see any significant difference between Breaks and Trance.
At the present from Breaks scene I really like what Beatman and Ludmilla is doing, Duane Barry, Under This, Trukers. These guys are really on fire.

8.Name Three breakbeat tunes that is blowing you away at the moment?
A-Mase – Destination (A-Mase’s Substorm Mix)
Moshic- Emotion (Airwave remix)
Gary Delaney – The Nightmother (You are my salvation remix)

9.You can take three tracks (not albums) onto your desert island, what would they be?
Memnon – Question
Shpongle – The Seventh Revelation
Z2 I Want You (Lange Remix)

10.Which Star Wars Charecter are you most like and why?
Qui-Gon Jinn – man of honor, man of the word , solid, tough and kind.

Under This

Under This is one of the most significant Breaks band formed back in 2003 by the guys who were keen on broken rhythms from their childhood. In the beginning of their career Under This also took active participation in promoting Breaks music in their home town – Daugavpils, which culturally is a capital of Latvian Breaks scene. Being citizens of Daugavpils, guys got under strong influence of the Nu-Skool Breaks since the mid 2000s, just after their first visits to legendary night club ‘Banzai’, which was famous for its big Breaks events with acts from guest DJs such as General Midi, Hyper, Elite Force and Autobots to name a few.

Grown on music of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and other giants of electronic music scene, these guys have absorbed all the elements of banging sound to form their unique style. Blending the vibes of early 90`s Rave anthems, mid 90`s Big Beat, 70`s Disco / Funk and even 60`s Rock`n`Roll with the modern sound of Bassline and Progressive Breaks Under This are always unexpected with their musical innovations.

After their official debut release on Distinctive Records back in 2008 Under This in a wink got support from many famous DJs and producers of Breaks as well as of Trance scenes and became one of the most promising Breaks acts. Keeping their hard work and real passion to music production in the next 2 years guys signed exclusive contract with iBreaks Records. That’s became a very significant point and beginning of the fast growing career for them. After serving successful apprenticeship on iBreaks Bass since 2010, Under This have stepped up to the main iBreaks label in early 2012, already having 5 EPs reached the Top10 at Beatport in their back-catalogue.

Since that moment Under This became one of the most demanded Breaks projects. With their hits such as ‘Funqualize’ (anthem of the Summer House 2012 festival), ‘Hands On You’, ‘Stay Away’, ‘What I Need’, ‘Yestreday’, ‘Dancing Right’ and the bunch of top charted remixes, Under This firmly anchored in the leading projects of Breaks scene.
These days Under This keeping their hard work in the studio on new stuff, touring around the Europe and running their own label Expand Records (Breakspoll 2013 – Best New Label Top5 nominee). Under This music is frequently played by the DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and The Crystal Method, which shows real respect and massive attention to their production, not only by Breaks lovers, but also by major dance acts.

Big, big set from MartOpetEr featuring some of his upcoming remixes as well as a sneak peak into Hedflux’s new label Luminus Music. My mix was the play of a guest mix I did recently for fellow NSB show Rule Of Rune – I couldn’t play live as we had a massive hail storm later afternoon and as my car got trashed I had to spend the time getting my claim in. will be back live next week for sure!

Guest Mix #1 – Maxim Hix

01. Maxim Hix – Elixir (Original Mix)
02. Maxim Hix – Clouds (Original Mix)
03. Maxim Hix – Motion (Original Mix)
04. Maxim Hix – The Fall (Original Mix)
05. Maxim Hix – Origin (Original Mix)
06. Maxim Hix – Underground (Original Mix)
07. Maxim Hix – Shuttle (Original Mix)
08. Maxim Hix – Chains of Reality (Original Mix)
09. Ronin 8 – Dark Star (Maxim Hix Remix)
10. Maxim Hix ñ Sunset (Original Mix)
11. Iz Carter – House of Nightmares (Maxim Hix Remix)
12. Cullen – Riding The Sunset Wave (Maxim Hix Remix)
13. Maxim Hix – Waves (Original Mix)


01. Panda – Dawn Is A Delight [Kiosek Records]
02. Milo Firewater – Serrated (DJ Purple Rabbit Breaks Remix) [Crazy Rabbit Recordings]
03. Resistor – Critical Path [VIM Records]
04. Ellissentials – Playing with Fire (Beatz Projekted Remix) [VIM Records]
05. Pixel – Own God [Sub Element Recordings]
06. Skein – Renegade [Pieces Of Eight Records]
07. Llupa – Over And Out [RUNE Recordings]
08. Metha – Rise [VIM Records]
09. Parallax Breakz – Phoenix (Audiohazard Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
10. Acidova, Too Dusty – Too Acid (Akash Remix) [Tek Records]
11. Panda – Tonal Eclipse (Line Of Sight Sunrise Remix) [Kiosek Records]
12. Alter Form – Visionary (Roboteknic Remix) [RUNE Recordings]

Guest Mix #2 – Under This

01. Under This – Moving Around (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
02. Under This – Let Yourself Go (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
03. Alex Clubbers – Monkeys In The Jungle (Shockillaz Remix) [Teknical]
04. Colombo – Brightness (Original Mix) [Cognitive Music]
05. Under This – Attraction (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
06. UFO Project – Take Me To The Top (Beta Remix) [Elektroshock]
07. Tony Lizana – Check (Under This Remix) [Lizplay]
08. BaseFace – Rat Catcher (Under This Remix) [iBreaks]
09. Under This – Battlefield (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
10. Under This – Olympus (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
11. Enterpryse & Necro – Illidan (Under This Remix) [Kindcrime]
12. Kondrashov – Answer (VIP Mix) [Downbeat]
13. Under This – Euphoria (Original Mix) [iBreaks Bass]