Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. MartOpetEr – 317 – 27th November 2014

Nov 27, 2014 | Disc Breaks

This week on the DBS we welcome back MartOpetEr!

The man has been consistently been releasing solid originals and remixes and is a firm favourite of mine. We last had him on back in 2012 and since then his sound has only refined. This mix showcases a stack of new material about to drop, so make sure you tune in!


Hailing from Nice, France, Peter Guildoux aka MARTOPETER is one of the most promising psybreaks/tech-funk producers in the modern breaks scene. He had started making Tribal Techno/Hard Techno live sets in 2002 influenced by the Free Party movement in south of France. Around 2009, after producing some drum and bass and break’n’tech live sets, he shifted to the breakbeat sound – more specifically to the psybreaks style. He started releasing stuff back in the early 2011 and since then he never looked back.

MartOpetEr received recognition and managed to build a strong profile in the scene after releasing “Acid Rain” on VIM records and “Soldier of Sound“ on Divergence Records, both of which achieved substantial success on the charts. From then on, he had a series of top notch releases for Broken Robot Records, V.I.M. Breaks, Divergence Records, LOT49, Tek Records, In Bloom Recordings, Logariddim Records, Yellowfinger, Dirty Drops, Breakz R Boss, Sub Element Recordings and Raveart Records. MartOpetEr continues to push his powerful yet atmospheric sound to new frontiers, while gaining a considerable following in the process. As his razor sharp, chest thumping basslines consume the dancefloor, hardly anyone can resist moving their bodies to the intoxicating vibes of the psychedelic guru.

Big, big set from MartOpetEr featuring some of his upcoming remixes as well as a sneak peak into Hedflux’s new label Luminus Music. My mix was the play of a guest mix I did recently for fellow NSB show Rule Of Rune – I couldn’t play live as we had a massive hail storm later afternoon and as my car got trashed I had to spend the time getting my claim in. will be back live next week for sure!


01. PRZK – Dog Food [AUX]
02. Future Funk Squad – The Colony (Evil Nine Remix) [Audio Science Productions]
03. Tamer Fouda – Out Of Control [TechnoTransformers]
04. Chevy One, Hanon – Hostage (Meat Katie Mix) [LOT49]
05. Resistor – EV-69 (Llupa’s ‘I Will Not Be Pushed’ Remix) [VIM PROMO]
06. Metha – Liar [AUX]
07. Mechanical Pressure ft. Lin – Take Me With You (Rcaine Remix) [Scarcity Records]
08. Dan F & Ricky Stone pres Sinosine – One Country [Velcro House]
09. Rick Tedesco – Carbon (Yanix Remix) [Elliptical Sun Platinum]
10. Future Funk Squad – The Hunted (Blazer Remix) [Audio Science Productions]
11. Jiro – Dub Horizons [Divergence]
12. Neoh – Breaking Da City [Teknical Records]
13. Huff – Dirty & Dangerous [Census Sound Recordings]
14. Miss Mants – Anonim [VIM Records]
15. Elite Force – Melodik Hypnotik (Re-Rub Mix) [U&A Recordings]
16. Underworld – Dark and Long (Dark Train) 2011 edit [JBO]
17. Charlie Kane – My Release (Dirt Revolver Remix) [Census Records]
18. Alter Form – Life After Death (Beat Tempest Remix) [KindCrime Recordings]
19. Metha – System Soul (Resonant Status Remix) []
20. Orbital – Impact (FFS Remix) [Hacker]

Guest Mix: MartOpetEr

01. Hedflux – Fractal Funk [Luminus Music]
02. Moontrip – Demetria [Tek Records]
03. Genuss – The Same 5 Songs [kindCrime Recordings]
04. Future Funk Squad – The Hunted (Blazer Remix) [Audio Science Productions]
05. Hedflux – Diversion (Bad Tango Remix) [Luminus Music]
06. Kiwa – Feed The Static (MartOpetEr Remix) [Elektroshok Records]
07. Fletric – Eternium (Blazer Remix) [VIM Breaks]
08. Far Too Loud – Acid 9000 (MartOpetEr Remix) [Free Track]
09. Frequency Less – Ultranova [Tek Records]
10. Stake – Cyberdog (MartOpetEr Remix) [Runwest Records]
11. Hedflux – Catharsis (Split & Jaxta Remix) [Luminus Music]
12. Acidova & Too Dusty – Too Acid [Tek Records]
13. Blazer – Rocksteady [Neom Recordings]