Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. The Element – 301 – 24th July 2014

Jul 24, 2014 | Disc Breaks

After last weeks 300th extravaganza, we’re back to normal operation and settling into another 300 shows… This week we have a great guest mix from somebody I’ve been a fan of for a while – The Element! I first met Laurent through the DBS and he shared some tunes and tracks with me – all of which were on the much deeper more melodic tip. Since then he’s released quite a few solid tunes and remixes and it’s great to have him on the show.

The Element

Originally from Marseille, I started listening breaks in 2002 when I was living in Paris. While there I met a good friend who was mixing breaks, some PMT, Hybrid, Future Sound Of London and I instantly fell in love with this deeper more progressive style of breaks. One of my other good friends was working in a great vinyl shop in Paris and so I started following labels like Electrofly, Sinister, EQ, Mob and Disuyé and was hooked. I really like the deeper mid-tempo breaks which is a great alternative on the dance floor and can give such a great deep and heavy energy. I started mixing breaks in 2004 and start producing music at the roughly same time. Since then I’ve had music out on ESR , Base Industry Records, Suffused Music and Funk Lab Record.

Damn, that guest mix from The Element was amazing… proper deep journey. So happy to have him on the show, big respect mate, that was quality! I had a cracking headache so didn’t play live, instead I played the mix I did as part of the Festival Of Friends that happened over 3 days last weekend. It’s the first 60 mins of the entire 90, so I’ll be posting up the full version shortly. I did this on a Friday night after an afternoon of beers so it’s a little loose… 😉


01. Disladis & Gaex – Deep Moon Thing (Rcaine Remix) [Kiosek Records]
02. Uto Karem, Ramiro Lopez – Breaking [Agile Recordings]
03. Stylus Rex, Hironimus Bosch – Glimmer [AUX]
04. Lee Coombs – The Hum (Meat Katie Remix) [LOT49]
05. Metha – Dark Smile (Metha Angry Remix) []
06. Meat Katie, Lee Coombs – Thinking Of You [LOT49]
07. ILS – Music (Evil Nine Mix) [Marine Parade]
08. Neoh – Let The Bass Down [N-Mitysound Records]
09. Blanilla – La Musica [Skills Records]
10. Beta – Sinking [Succession Records]
11. Guau – Ant Killer [Elektroshok Records]
12. Elite Force – Engine [LOT49]
13. Memory Machine – Midnight [Kick It Records]
14. Electric Soulside – Venusia (Lee Coombs & Kostas G Remix) [LOT49]
15. Colombo – Summit [iBreaks]
16. Grove – Tasty Brooklyn [Deep Garnet Records]
17. Jinx In Dub – Holy Trinity [Sango Music]
18. Shopliftas – Nasty In The Shade [Ground Level]
19. Bad Tango – Cortex [Broken Records]

Guest Mix: The Element

01. The Element – Digital Theory [Funk lab record]
02. Cirrus – Unbreakable [Moonshine Music]
03. The Element – Space Control (Rick Tedesco Remix) [ESR]
04. Rkidz – Redmoon (Addictech)
05. Maliauka – I Believe (Trocoloco Remix) [ESR]
06. Apex – Vimana [Broken Robot]
07. Captain Capcom – Pending Blending [Divergence]
08. Elite Force – Godzilla
09. Geon – Avalon (Colombo Remix)
10. Fletric – Find the light
11. Vectrix – That’s What’s Up (Tee-Ex Remix)
12. The Funklab – Brightlights (The Element Remix)
13. Dirt Revolver & Blacklist – Warning
14. A-Mase – Russian Breaks