Disc Breaks with Llupa – 300 – 20th July 2014

Jul 17, 2014 | Disc Breaks

Wow, what a show!! Big thanks to everybody who sent in a request, this was the first show where every single tune was a request – all 4 hours of it! I was a little apprehensive about doing a show entirely of requests from lots of different people but I must say, you all have amazing taste and the flow worked pretty damn well.

Big shouts to the DBS300 contributors: The Snooze, Artem Ivanov, Resonant Status, Zoltan Miko, Jerez J. Gyula, Von Drehle, Glenn Black, Stuart Gunnis, Chaz, Raincry, Dark Ronin, Celesao, Tony Coma, Kelvin Richardson, Kreezy, Art Clandestine, Andy Faze, DJ Marty B, Kat Coady, C-Row, James Marston, Tom Clyde, Cafeman, Elwin Buisman, Yreane, Kakapo, VJ Kammi, Retrograde, Roboteknic, Deeply Unexpected, Calxtra, Oleg Amossenkov and Misses Llupa

And an epic shout to Deeply Unexpected for doing the graf piece that features as the art for this show. The man did this over 2 days and it sits just off the port of Thessaloniki in Greece. It took him 2 days and I was blown away by this when he sent it through – massive respect mate, you are awesome.


01. Abdomen Burst – Shine (Turtlesquad Remix) [Scarcity Records]
02. Eric Rigo, Cara Leigh – Long Drive Feat. Cara Leigh (Omauha Remix) [Morphosis Records]
03. John 00 Fleming – Clouds Of Karma [ARVA]
04. Dope Smugglaz – The Word (PMT Remix) [CDR]
05. 9b0 – Antilightbulb (Beta Remix) [Glack Audio]
06. UNKLE – Reign (False Prophet remix) [Global Underground]
07. Dopamine – Brave New World [Title Fight Records]
08. Metha – Never Trust A Robot [LOT49]
09. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul [Marine Parade]
10. Dan F & Ricky Stone pres Sinosine – Two Systems [MOB Records]
11. Pilot – Dilema [Electrofly]
12. Sasha – Cut Me Down (Retroid Remix) [CDR]
13. Klaus Heavyweight Hill – Deep Space [Title Fight Recordings]
14. Bassboosa – Succumb (Future Funk Squad Remix) [Champion Records]
15. Digital Department – Path is Hidden [CDR]
16. AudioStorm – City Glowing [VIM Records]
17. T.R.O. – Dispersing Sound (Llupa’s Kollektiv Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
18. Rick Tedesco – Aurora (Raggapop & Elevate Remix) [VIM Special Edition]
19. Audiotoxin – Sunrise [Spektra Recordings]
20. Aeron Aether & Retroid ft. Simon Latham – The Story Goes (Retroid Mix) [Morphosis Limited]
21. Parallax Breakz – Train (James Warren Dark And Long Remix) [VIM Records]
22. Douglas Howarth – Sliced Bread In Serious Trouble (Clandestine Remix) [Morphosis Limited]
23. PMT – Gyromancer (False Prophet Mix) (Captain Capcom refine) [CDR]
24. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Andrea Doria ‘Is It Breaks?’ Mix) [CDR]
25. Future Funk Squad & Mechanical Pressure – Rattlesnake (Yreane Evil remix) [Demo]
26. Alex Dolby – Hazy Way (Evil9 Remix) [Mantra Breaks]
27. Dylan Rhymes – The Way [lOT49]
28. BETA – Trojan [Re:Connect Recordings]
29. Retroid – Origin – Plastic Shell Remix [Ego Shot Recordings]
30. Mesmer – Cubes (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [Scarcity Records]
31. Llupa – Over And Out [CDR]
32. Klaus Heavyweight Hill – Bubblegum [Mob]
33. Mesmer Whenever – You Want Me [Scarcity Records[
34. Dopamine – Hold You [TCR]
35. Lee Coombs – Lilly In The Sky [LOT49]
36. Magnolia – It’s All Vain (Meat Katie vs Christian J Rollerball Mix) [Data Record]
37. Psysun Vs Urucubaca – Dub Terror (Andy Faze Remix) [CDR]
38. Line Of Sight – Pale Shelter (Python Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
39. Yanix – Derecho (Original Break Mix) [Ridiculoud Records]
40. Superlifter – The Tempest [Superlifter]
41. Nubreed – Raw shit (Koma & Bones Remix) [Kilowatt Records]
42. Trukers & Bass Station – Gravity On The Dance Floor (Llupa’s Feather Drop Remix) [VIM Records]
43. Retroid – Supernatural (Karton Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
44. X-Dream – The 1st (Far Too Loud Re-fix) [CDR]
45. Jay Stewart – I’m Crazy, You’re Crazy (Dopamine Remix) [Menu Music]
46. Motna – Meaning (Bad Tango Remix) [Broken Robot]
47. Optobot – Show Me Your Nuts (MartOpetEr Remix) [Runwest Records]
48. Llupa – Ignition [iBreaks]
49. Refracture – Jahova [Dusted Breaks]
50. Quadrat Beat – Chasing Stars (Kid Panel Remix) [Expand Records]
51. Tee-Ex – Wonder [Morphosis Limited]
52. Blazer – Back To The Roots [Ayra Recordings]
53. Blazer – Android [Raveart Records]
54. Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo B Remix) [Orbital Music]
55. Nomek – Bulgaria [Play Records]