Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Captain Capcom – 293 – 29th May 2014

Jun 1, 2014 | Disc Breaks

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back to the guest this week featuring a dynamic duo called Captain Capcom. I first came across them with their amazing re-rub of PMT’s Gyromancer – always tough to tackle such a classic tune, but they nailed it and hence I was intrigued… Then I got their debut release on Divergence ‘Thigh Length’ which is wicked and finally I worked out that one half of Captain Capcom is Deeply Unexpected – a previous guest on the show and top bloke. So, I had to get them on to do a mix and this is it.

Captain Capcom

Captain Capcom is a special dynamic force duo from outer space!!!
Joey Dianos ‘Oxya’ and Deeply Unexpected (already known from their galactic conquests) combined their super powers and threat planet Earth with world domination…

Joey is actually a time-traveling robot that constantly imports sounds to the present time from the past and the future..
Known expeditions:

Deeply Unexpected was recruited as a space engineer for his knowledge on sound-crafting, cosmic navigation, use of advanced machinery and contact skills with extraterrestrial life..
Known expeditions:

Great mix from Captain Capcom, chock full of solid tunes and a fresh one from them – big tings from these guys I think as they have a very cool sound. I had a head full of a cold, so didn’t play live, but instead played the guest mix I did for the Breakbeat Conference radio show on Radio 1 Prague that I recorded a couple of months back. It’s probably the best mix I’ve done for years, so hopefully it makes up for not being live….


01. Morepop – Sunny Day [LW Recordings]
02. Raico – Body & Move (Largo Tremolo Remix) [SoHo Beats Recordings]
03. Metha – Monster [VIM Special Edition]
03a. X-Press 2 – Smoke Machine (Koma & Bones Remix) [Skint Records]
04. Tee-Ex – Wonder [Morphosis Limited]
05. Phase Animator – Nyota (Llupa’s Uhura Remix) [Box Set Records]
06. Ronin8 – Moon Breath (The Lucky 23 Remix) [VIM Records]
06a. Dopamine & Diverted – Only One (Blim Remix) [Diverted Traffic]
07. Dan F – Interceptor [Disuye Records]
08. Fletric – Find The Light (Bad Tango Remix) [Logariddim Records]
08a. Youthful Implants vs. Tigerfunk – Heatseeker (Robosapiens Remix)[Dead Famous Records]
09. Freerange DJs – You Won’t Find Me (Beta Remix) [AUX]
10. Force Mass Motion – Out Of It [LOT49]
11. Grove – Hit The Ground [Scarcity Records]
12. Motna – Time (Big Mistake Remix) [Sub Element Recordings]
13. Blanilla – Escape Your Fears (Rcaine Remix) [VIM Records]
14. Darlyn Vlys – Floor 122 (Sante + Sidney Charles Warehouse Dub) [Avotre]
15. Isolate – Cone Storm (Karl Sav Remix) [In Bloom Recordings]
16. Evil Nine – Golden Throne [CDR]
17. Evil Nine – Crooked (Bassbin Twins Mix) [Marine Parade]
18. Lee Coombs – Lilly In The Sky [LOT49]
19. UNKLE – Reign (False Prophet Remix) [Global Underground]

Guest Mix: Captain Capcom

01. E-Cologyk – Golden Hawk (Split & Jaxta Rmx) [Free download]
02. Isolate – Cone Storm (Karl Sav Remix) [In Bloom Recordings]
03. Captain Capcom – Pending Blending (Original Mix) [Divergence]
04. Ap3x and Andy Faze – Inhale [In Bloom Recordings]
05. Dr.Fish – Monotron [V.I.M.Breaks]
06. Freak Da Bass & Piobeat – Nagual [Runwest Records]
07. Charlie Kane – Wired To The Core [VIM Breaks]
08. Andy Faze – Undercover Agents (Original Mix) [Divergence]
09. Llupa – Ignition [iBreaks]
10. Captain Capcom – Thigh Length (Original Mix) [Divergence]
11. Motna – Earwig (Kwerk Remix)[Sub Element Recordings]
12. Leuce Rhythms – Double Drop [VIM Breaks Special Edition])
13. Forufreezer – Trichome (Isolate Remix) [VIM Breaks]