Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Ronin8 – 270 – 28th November 2013

Dec 1, 2013 | Disc Breaks

This week we get to showcase another album, this time from Ronin8! It’s so good to see long players coming out that are more than a collection of singles and Ronin8’s ‘Universe Colours’ is no exception. I’ve been digging Ronin8 style of the deeper rolling breaks for a while, I really like the more rockier vibes to most of his tunes. His album builds on these vibes, but takes us though different tempos and genres in the process. His mix is solid and showcases the album plus remixes he’s done and some remixes from the album.

The album is out now: http://www.beatport.com/release/universe-colours/1195379


Dj and Producer from SERBIA . Began his career in electronic music in 1999 and 2007 created his own sound and beat . Since then he got recognized supported by BIG label names such as V.I.M. BREAKS Records , Diablo Loco Records, KindCrime Records , Break Wind Productions.


Didn’t get the guest mix in time to play live, so this show is the live 2 hours from me and then the Ronin8 album showcase! bit of a journey from me, so good to play for 2 hours again – might need to do 3 hour guest mix shows more often… Ronin8’s mix is brilliant, a showcase of his long player album and again a cool journey from the slower grooves to the driving stuff at the end. make sure you check out the album – respect to the man!

Next Week: Guest Mix from Dirt Revolver


01. 3D Stas – That One (Original Mix) [Electroshok Records]
02. The Lucky 23 – Music [Diablo Loco Records]
03. Kawatin – Hey (Neztic Remix) [Ricochet Records]
04. Raico – Body & Move (Largo Tremolo Remix) [SoHo Beats Recordings]
05. Ronin8 – Moon Breath (The Lucky 23 Remix) [VIM Records]
06. Santos – Combination (Album Version) [Mantra Vibes]
07. Feuerhake – Under Pressure [Synergetic Records]
08. A.Eryomin – I Saw Something (Atrium Sun Remix) [Emotional Noise]
09. RZN8 – Beyond Gone (Jayson Butera Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
10. Matskie – The 9th Gate [Divergence]
11. Rick Tedesco – Darker Shade Of Light [CDR]
12. Downgroove – Puedo Sentirlo (Llupa’s Rolling Thunder Remix) [Ellipitcal Sun Records]
13. Slugware – Durban Poison [Ego Shot Records]
14. Freak Da Bass & Pio Beat – Nagual (Pio Beat VIP mix) [Runwest Records]
15. Dirt Revolver – Outbreak [VIM Records]
16. Chevy One – Mankind [LOT49]
17. Mesmer – Nowhere [Scarcity Records]
18. Colombo – Build the Energy [iBreaks]
19. Chris Voro – Saturday Night Special (System 2 Remix) [VIM Special Edition]
20. Grove – Hit The Ground [Scarcity Records]
21. Tongue & Groove – Inseminoid [Broken Records]
22. Kwah – Sentient Technology [Broken Robot]
23. Broken Eye – Reality Check [Broken Robot]
24. Grove – Fluffy Cloud [CDR]

Disc Breaks Guest Mix: Ronin8

01. Ronin8 – INTRO *VIM Breaks*
02. Ronin8 – There At Stars *VIM Breaks*
03. Ronin8 – Moon Breath *VIM Breaks*
04. Ronin8 – Moon Breath(The Lucky 23 rmx)*VIM Breaks*
05. Ronin8 – Nika Song *VIM Breaks*
06. Ronin8 – Kids On The Moon *VIM Breaks*
07. Ronin8 – Sunset People *Break Wind*
08. Ronin8 – Close Your Eyes *VIM Breaks*
09. Ronin8 – Perfect Storm(Bl1tZ rmx)*VIM Breaks*
10. Ronin8 – Perfect Storm *VIM Breaks*
11. Ronin8 – Massive Cell *Kind Crime*