Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Roboteknic – 246 – 13th June 2013

Jun 13, 2013 | Disc Breaks

We’re back to the drivin’ stuff this week with a solid guest mix from Roboteknic. We had the man on the show well over a year ago and as he’s been smashing out some massive tunes and remixes lately I thought let’s get him back. his mix is quality, with some exclusives new tunes from him as well as some new remixes. If you’re a fan of the deep, drivin’ and psy breakbeat this show is for you.


Take a trip to the darker side of Psy with Roboteknic – Taking influences from right across the dance music scene including; Psy, Breaks, House, Techno and Trance to name a few, Roboteknic has developed a unique style and sound. Spending years as a Professional Sound Engineer in the UK recording, mixing and mastering bands, Roboteknic learnt all the skills needed to produce full-on EDM. Attention is now focused on writing fresh and original genre defying tracks!


and here’s the show, big shout to all the crew in the chat… damn quality guest mix from Roboteknic, great to have him back. Really cool showcase of his new stuff and the tunes that inspire him – chock full of the drivin’ psy. Lot’s of variety and fresh stuff from me too, with a couple of classics from Ils and Introspective thrown in for good measure.

Next Week: Guest mix from Deeply Unexpected


01. Deeply Unexpected – Earina [Minitree]
02. Stylus Rex – Rhythm Rocker feat. Fjokra (Hironimus Bosch Remix) [Ground Level Records]
03. Meat Katie, Chevy One – When You’re Dead [LOT49]
04. Tactical Groove Orbit – Digital Africa (Fisso & Spark Remix) [Kick It Recordings]
05. Stanton Warriors – Where’s the Beef? [Punks]
06. Javi R – Xplode (Vandal Remix) [Rkdeep Love]
07. Kidd Linus – Party People (Beta Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
08. Robosapiens – Last Days [CDR]
09. Chevy One, Jay Lucco – Closer Falls feat. Jay Lucco [Neom Recordings]
10. Introspective – Devil Theory (Peter Paul Remix) [Sinister]
11. Chris Voro – Dark Seed (MartOpetEr Remix) [In Bloom Recordings]
12. Z4thoichi – No Idea [VIM Special Edition]
13. AP3X & Roboteknic – It Will Kill You [CDR]
14. PRZK – Tootsie (Dr.Fish Remix) [AUX]
15. Ils – Angels (Ils 12 Inch Version) [Distinctive]

Guest Mix: Roboteknic

01. Damage Funk (Z4thoichi Remix)
02. Parallax Breakz – Echo
03. Quantum – Shifter
04. Roboteknic – Someplace Else
05. Floating Balloon (Kwah Remix)
06. ACIDOVA – Killer Wheels [Roboteknic Remix PROMO)
07. MartOpEter – Bass Hole [Roboteknic Remix]
08. Beta & Karl Sav – Iron Peach
09. Digital Department – Outburst (Retroid Remix)
10. True Mystery – Roboteknic PROMO
11. Species – KWAH