Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Xen Ochren – 244 – 19th May 2013

May 16, 2013 | Disc Breaks

Tomorrow night on the show I have a real live guest in the studio �/ in the form of local breaker: Xen Ochren! The man has been going from strength to strength with his productions and remixes with a solid collection of releases. He’s also a regular of the local scene and this mix promises to bring a wicked selection of tunes on the deeper tip – the way we like it

This also provides a bit of a gig warm up for the man who’s playing here on Friday in Melbourne Town at Mutent Vibrations. AP3X who is over from NZ is also on the bill and has brought over his live show, so if you’re local make sure you come down and check it out: https://www.facebook.com/events/509211249139047/

Xen Ochren

Xen Ochren Is Evan Morgan, Producer, Sound Designer, DJ. With charting releases for V.I.M. Records and Beatport feature attention, Xen is attempting to hone an emerging sound of deep, proggy, bush doof breaks; drawing heavily on techno, psy breaks, and tech funk influences, the result is a driving dance floor experience of diverse and ever flowing directions…

Xen acknowledges his dependance on Spirit, land, and technology


big shouts to Evan Xen Ochren for laying down an impromptu 2 hours guest mix chock full of the quality deep and drivin’ shizzle. So all up this is a 3 hour show with my hour up first with new stuff from VIM, We Are Live and Ego Shot Recordings

I’m off on holiday for the next couple of weeks but next week the big man Karl Sav will be filling in for me, so make sure you catch it!


01. Dan F & Ricky Stone pres Sinosine – One Country [MOB]
02. Dirt Revolver – Narcosis [LOT49]
03. Vandal – Vision In Leather (Fisso & Spark Remix) [Benefit Recordings]
04. Kosinus feat Kriss T – Light (Hexadecimal Remix) [We Are Live]
05. Beta – Low Down [Bombtraxx Records]
06. Aural Abuse – Cosmic Arch (Kostas G Remix) [VIM Records]
07. HardNoise – Feeling This [RUNE Black]
08. Yreane – What You Want [LOT49]
09. Forufreezer – Happiness (OOOD remix) [Broken Records]
10. Freak Da Bass – Meltdown (Roboteknic Remix) [Ego Shot Records]
11. Max Hertzz – Intuition (Z4thoichi Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
12. Acidova – Be High [In Bloom Recordings]

Guest Mix: Xen Ochren

01. Mr Squatch – The Second Coming [Delicious Music]
02. Digibox – Krypton (Xen Ochren Remix) [VIM Records]
03. 48K – Barb Wired (Bad Tango Remix) [Yellow Finger]
04. Peak – A World Of Abundance [CDR]
05. Karl Sav – Soundfeer
06. Kuplay – Blackberry Sucks
07. Beta – Headspace [Sound Of Habib]
08. Xen Ochren & AP3X – Collider [Seriously Work In Progress… ]
09. Grouch & Mr Squatch – Drowning In Dub
10. Xen Ochren – Tensions [VIM]
11. Xen Ochren – Tensions (AP3X Remix) [VIM]
12. Elite Force – Gamechanger [U&A]
13. Tim Healey & Atomic Drop – Take Control (Hedflux Remix)
14. Xen Ochren & Ben Moore – It’s Been A While [CDR]
15. Meat Katie – Stutter [LOT49]
16. Interpulse – Let’s Go [Open Records]
17. Aquareef & Alex Drayling – Thailand [Arrival]
18. Ozrels Machine – Spaced
19. Andy Faze – Button Moon
20. Syncro 69 – Dramatic Faze [VIM]
21. Mr Squatch – Splendiferous Pudding Pop
22. Kalya Scintilla – Whomp Shanti (Mr Squatch Remix)
23. Seven Lions – She Was Feat. Birds of Paradise