Disc Breaks with Llupa – 236 – ft. Expand Records – 7th March 2013

Mar 7, 2013 | Disc Breaks

This week we’re celebrating the 1st birthday of a great label – Expand Records – with a solid label showcase mix by none other than Quadrat Beat! I’ve been quite a fan of their releases since day one, not the most prolific, but preferring to focus on the quality – this label has gone from strength to strength with comparisons being drawn with iBreaks – no mean feat for a fresh label. This is so damn solid, make sure you tune in!

Expand Records

The first Latvian record label, that is focused on pushing out high quality Breaks and Tech-Funk music. 2012 surely becomes another page in the history of the development of electronic music in Latvia, and the reason for this will be served by the creation of the first Latvian Breaks label.

The emergence of this is down to one person by the name of Dmitry Kondrashov, better known as the leader of the electronic band Under This and the founder of the solo project Kondrashov. For several years, Dmitry issued successful releases in cooperation with the giant of Breaks scene – iBreaks Records, and also bore the idea about creation of his own label.

Mr.Djinn, DJ and promoter and one of the brightest representatives of the Breaks movement in Latvia, joined to help him with it. Such cooperation of two people of like minds started the ball rolling…

Expand Records will not be limited to any framework of musical style, but Breaks, undoubtedly, remains a key force. Latvian Breaks label will make the basic accent on quality, originality and freshness of it’s issued material.
But the main thing is, it can unite young and prospective artists with already known representatives in the world of broken rhythms, and as such will provide advancement of Latvia in the international musical market of electronic music.


Great to be back after missing last week. big respect to Quadrat Beat for the Expand Records showcase mix, such a solid mix really showing how goo the label has become in a very shirt time. Lots of variation in my bit, new stuff from Morphosis Limited, VIM Special Edition, Breaks.sk, Expand and Diablo Loco


01. Tee-Ex – Indestructable [Morphosis Limted]
02. Superpolitik – Help Me Fly (Phase Animator Remix) [VIM Special Edition]
03. Mongewz – Rock And Glow [Breaks.sk Records]
04. Fisso & Spark – Are You Ready (Flukes Remix) [Diablo Loco Records]
05. Cade – Relentless (Feltzer Remix) [VIM Records]
06. Will Marshall – Civil Serpent (Peak Remix) [Warped Records]
07. Loaded Fist – Space Clouds (Line Of Sight Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
08. Karl Sav – Soundfeer (VIP MIX) [CDR]
09. Dirt Revolver – Get The Fuck Down [Diablo Loco Records]
10. Kraymon – The Understanding (Beta Remix) [Dusted Breaks Records]
11. Guau – Busy [Electroshok Records]
12. Temazo – Little Things (Under This Remix) [Expand Records]
13. Max Hertzz – Dark London (Shotem Remix) [VIM Special Edition]

Guest Mix – Expand Records showcase by Quadrat Beat

01. Quadrat Beat – Let’s Move [Expand Records]
02. Kondrashov & Quadrat Beat – Futuro [Expand Records]
03. Quadrat Beat – Hollywood (Original Mix) [Expand Records]
04. Quadrat Beat – Chasing Stars (Kid Panel Remix) [Expand Records]
05. Quadrat Beat – Blink & Wink (Original Mix) [Expand Records]
06. Quadrat Beat – BlackJack [Expand Records]
07. Kondrashov – Sureshot (Sketi Remix) [Expand Records]
08. Quadrat Beat – Resurrection [Expand Records]
09. Quadrat Beat – Danger Zone [Expand Records]
10 Quadrat Beat – Good Life [Expand Records]
11 Shockillaz – When I Play (Original Mix) [Expand Records]
12. Shockillaz – Keep On Rockin’ (Original Mix) [Expand Records]
13. Sketi – Cladocera (Blazer Remix) [Expand Records]
14. Shockillaz – Groove Me (Seth Vogt Remix) [Expand Records]