Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Andy Faze & AP3X – 224 – 6th December 2012

Dec 6, 2012 | Disc Breaks

This week we have our first double Guest Mix to celebrate the recent Oxygen EP release out now on In Bloom Recordings. As the EP features the mighty talents of Andy Faze, AP3X and myself via 2 collaborations we thought it best to showcase a mix from everybody – gotta love a 3 way

Oxygen EP

North meets south on this intercontinental effort to bring you more of the high level breakbeat we at In Bloom Recordings continually endevor to deliver. This time around Derby native and psy breaks stalwart Andy Faze, joins forces with Australian breaks ambassador Llupa and New Zealands “name to watch” AP3X for a vacume sealed package manifested in the form of the “Oxygen EP”.


Andy Faze & Llupa – Empty Your Mind

Empty Your Mind is a journey deep into melodic psy tipped breakbeat territory with all the energy required to make it through the labrynthian maze of synth sorcery. With the signature, fine tuned driving psy bass that has made Andy Faze infamous paired with Llupa’s undeniable ability to bring a whole other level of depth and progression. This is the the kind of mind melting tune you could lose yourself in with the possibility of never finding the way out.

Andy Faze & AP3X – Inhale

Inhale strips everything back and heads right toward the bottom of the rabbit hole summoning the primal urge to move. Andy Faze brings depth and melody to AP3X’s progressively evolving, minimal, hypnotic groove that is lazer pointed at your subconsious with a reassuring tribal warmth but an obvious dark undertone.

some feedback:

Thanks guys. Loving inhale. Amazing dark tech beauty. Full support!

Excellent work!

Thanks to you In Bloom for this excellent release! Both tracks very hypnotic, but Inhale steals the show with deep massaging bass and well trippy textures. Ap3x and Andy Faze is an inspired combo! Empty your mind is also very nice, will probably get dropped also but thats one for a prog set.

Really liking both of these, awesome stuff!

Liking these two tracks, good work!

Lovely release here from InBloom – My favourite has to be ‘Inhale’, great production from both Ap3x and Andy Faze!

Another In Bloom release, another full quality release!!! Empty Your Mind it’s perfect for djing, I love the breakdown with the spoken vocals. Inhale is a track for close the eyes and listening quietly in home, this is real psy breaks!!

loving both the tracks, but must pick ‘Inhale’ by AP3X and Andy Faze. Great production from here – deep and wavy bassline, shaky rhythm-section and sexy vocal samples – proper tune for me.

Huge release! Will support for sure Thanks!

Liking this release, i prefere the Llupa and Andy Faze track out the 2, nice blend of progressive and Psy Breaks keeping it real deep.

I’m always biased towards liking Ap3x’s tunes cause he’s a good mate, but this is definitely one of his best and has his deeper sound to it that I think he’s develping. Empty Your Mind is my favourite of the two though, with its bouncy bassline and well placed vocal stabs.

Wickeeeeed! Deep and techy shiz!


More on Mr Andy Faze:

More on Mr AP3X

Had to crank up the show a little earlier as too much goodness for just 2 hours 😉 so, it’s 45mins from me, 60 mins from Andy Faze and closing the night is 45mins from AP3X. If you like your breakbeats driving and chunky then this is the place for you…..

Next week: Album showcase mix from Fisso & Spark


01. Colombo – Gods [iBreaks]
02. Growler – Skintillator (Karl Sav Remix) [Box Set Records]
03. Resonant Status – Inner Circles [Divergence]
04. Herzio & Dezibelio – Doomed [VIM Records]
05. Geon – Phantasmia (Colombo Remix) [Acida Records]
06. Kraymon – The Understanding [Dusted Breaks Records]
07. Kraymon – The Understanding (Beta Remix) [Dusted Breaks Records]
08. Direct Input – Beneath The Surface [Kick It Recordings]
09. Fisso & Spark – Future [Ground Level Records]
10. Beta & Karlsav – Peytons Bassface [Ayra Recordings]

Guest Mix #1 – Andy Faze

01. Max Hertzz – Dark London (Dallean remix) [VIM Breaks CDR]
02. Moduilzer – The NASA Agreement (Andy Faze remix) [Dirty Drop]
03. Andy Faze & Llupa – Empty Your Mind [In Bloom]
04. M_Spark – Perfect Strike (Andy Faze remix) [RUNE CDR]
05. MartOpetEr – Substances [Broken Robot]
06. Triple Agent – Unterwelt [Logariddim]
07. Roboteknic – 3 Dimensional Space [Divergence]
08. Z4thoichi – No Idea [VIM Breaks CDR]
09. 6th Floor – Dawn Of A New Error (Metabreed’s Transcendental Tripletfunk) [COSMO]
10. Decoder INC – Reebown (Broken Eye remix) [Elektroshok]
11. Aleksey Electronic & Parallax Breakz – Trip To Cyberton (Andy Faze remix) [VIM Breaks]
12. Slinky – Pressure System (Andy Faze remix) [Slinksta CDR]

Guest Mix #2 – AP3X

01. Meat Katie – Rollplayer (Hedflux Remix) [LOT49]
02. Fisso & Spark – Insert Coin (Snook Remix) [Logariddim Records]
03. Tetrameth – Mother Tongue [Zenon]
04. AP3X & Andy Faze – Inhale [In Bloom Recordings]
05. Too Dusty – Welcome To The Future (Bad Tango Remix) [Hard And Hits]
06. Triple Agent – Spaceships And Pistols [Logariddim Records]
07. Coming Soon – Buzz On [Spin Twist]