Disc Breaks with Llupa – 210 – ft. Maxim Hix – 12th July 2012

Jul 12, 2012 | Disc Breaks

This week I have a cracking guest mix from an artist I only recently came across, but has made a big impression already – Maxim Hix. I randomly came across his 2 recently released LPs on Zebra 40 while buying some new tunes. I was instantly impressed and bought quite a few of them, which I have been playing over the last couple of weeks. Anyhoo, I hit him up and asked him on the show, so here is an exclusive artist showcase – yep, all the tracks are his – that are on the quality deep proggy breaks tip – very cool.

Check out his 2 LP’s – http://www.beatport.com/artist/maxim-hix/259496/tracks

plus, with a pic like this how can it not be full of win

Maxim Hix

My name is Maxim Pahanov I’m from Russia – Moscow, I’m 29. I was born in an ordinary family where the mother was typist and father worked as an engineer . Nobody of my family was involved in music. Moreover in teen I loved predominantly Russian rock and pop music – so it seems strange for musician with deep electronic direction.

All had changed when I met Scooter group from Germany with their unbelievable, amazing sound. It happened in the age of 18. It turned all my imagination about electronic sound. I started to track all their releases, started to find a similar sound (in the middle of 90s in our country was popular happy hardcore underground style).

Meantime a special electronic radio station started to broadcast in Moscow. I switched my interests to the radio and immersed into the deep sound of electronic music. Primary I was in love with Trance and Progressive. In 2000 I encountered with a CD in the shop which had been dedicated to the creation music – it called Dance eJay. In short this software allowed to connect different parts of samples with each other. So that time I thought how simple can be created music )) All has changed when a friend of mine gave me a link to the Orion Pro v.2 software. That was very difficult to create something in this program since I had to plug in several VSTi synths. I had no music background education and I thought that the time to change it. I entered in the music school in the age of 21 and had been studying in piano section for a year. I had learned to distinguish different notes, I bought a real synthezator Yamaha DGX-200 and tried hard with it, I started to be a member of CJCITY.RU website dedicated to all young artists and producers. Finally I had made several tracks in Trance style and they were warmly accepted at the site by other musicians. I started to obtain different offers to play as a DJ in the night clubs. Very soon DJ work became a main my profession and I gave up to create tracks for a while. I tried myself in promotion, creating different parties in the Moscow area, bring foreign artists to the Moscow dance floor. That was cool time. But the world was changing very fast and DJ profession in our country without making your own tracks became useless. Nobody wanted to make a deal with ordinary DJs. Everyone could make a mix of tracks using different software. So I started to create a track per year, tried to press out something from my mind. My last track was written in Reason 4 in 2007. Then I gave up all things which ever connected me with music. I became an ordinary listener… got a job in software protection company, got a good position of sales manager. It seemed all is okay…but something inside me wasn’t giving me a comfort from this life …

A year ago this “something” said me: Max you are dealing with bullshit, you can’t control what is just hid inside you.

It’s insane but I visited a special training course for young producers and musicians and it gave me a powerful of cheerfulness. I changed up my mind concerning the style of music. I mean a style in which I want to create. I still love Trance and Progressive House, I still love Psy Trance and Psy Progressive music, I still visiting parties but I can’t create such music. All what inside me can be carried out only with Breaks music. I realized that my music has very narrow round of listeners since it doesn’t have ordinary strings and bass and rhythm. I grown up and accustomed with Trance sound so I want to submit such sound into the Breaks music. It is very wide style, so I can do almost everything in it, expand frameworks, mix different styles, bring very deep sound.

I have already released 2 albums this year and I don’t want to stop. So, I will continue to make music in this style, try to make several experiments and hope you will enjoy it. Stay tuned.



01. Insigo – Sand Canyon [Need4Beat]
02. Sonority – Die Free (Dallean Remix) [RUNE Records]
03. Nathaniel Ecko – Alchemist (Nemmotronic Mix) [Digital Sensation UK]
04. Axcess – Dr Kananga (The Fixionist Remix) [Break Wind Productions]
05. Jariten & Myagi – Still Feat. Sandra Nagano (Beta Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
06. Tee-Ex – Unbreakable [Morphosis Limited]
07. Andrew Maze – Too Late (Fletric Remix) [Morphosis Limited]
08. Xen Ochren & Ben Moore – Tensions (AP3X Remix) [VIM Records]
09. Max Hertzz – Day & Night [VIM Records]
10. Growler – Head Stereo (Factory Mix) [Box Set Records
11. Bl1tz – Assault (Martopeter remix) [In Bloom Recordings
12. Alien Grace – Noise From A Chasm (Audiohazard Remix) [VIM Records]
13. Skaarj – Electronic Voice Phenomenon [NFBmusic]

Guest Mix – Maxim Hix

01. Maxim Hix – Neon Journey (unreleased)
02. Maxim Hix – Heart Beat
03. Maxim Hix – Look Forward
04. Maxim Hix – Universe Colors
05. Maxim Hix – Light Flow (unreleased)
06. Maxim Hix – Stream Gazes
07. Maxim Hix – Air Cream
08. Maxim Hix – Rounded Forms (unreleased)
09. Maxim Hix – Invisible Town
10. Maxim Hix – Quantum Essence
11. Maxim Hix – We Are What We Think