Disc Breaks with Llupa – 205 – ft. Kwah – 7th June 2012

Jun 7, 2012 | Disc Breaks

Back on the decks this week and featuring a wicked guest mix from one of the newer names on the Psybreaks tip – Kwah. I’ve been diggin’ his squelchy deep rolling style on his recent releases and remixes and this mix is chock full of unreleased stuff from him too boot – ’tis quality


Kwah, AKA Rory Gordziejko, is a producer and DJ from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. He has been producing for around 7 years, having produced under this name for 2 of them.

Since he exploded onto the scene last year with the delicious squelchfest Proton Perspective, he’s been busy producing great remixes for the likes of M_Spark, Max Hertzz, Andy Faze and Hedflux & Neurodriver, as well as further developing his original, funky and juicy psybreaks sound on tracks such as Hypnotoad. With releases on Broken Robot, Warped and In Bloom, and forthcoming on RUNE, VIM and Divergence, Kwah is undoubtedly going to become a household name in psybreaks in 2012.


ah – so much new quality tuneage around, big thanks to RUNE, Scarcity, VIM, Break Wind Productions, Expand, Ego Shot and Psychoactive for the promos – I’m a lucky man and huge shouts to Kwah for a solid, solid guest mix also chock full of freshness, most from the man himself – the guy is going far I tells ya…..


01. Axcess – Massacre (Trukers Remix) [Break Wind Productions]
02. Sonority – Die Free (Dallean Remix) [RUNE Records]
03. Tee-Ex – A Bit Complicated [Scarcity Records]
04. Quadrat Beat – Hollywood (Seth Vogt Remix) [Expand Records]
05. Open Cluster – Love Muffin (MDK Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
06. Beat Rangers – Junkyard Is Alive (Retroid Remix) [VIM Records]
07. Mesmer – Man With The Red Case [Scarcity Records]
08. Quadrat Beat – BlackJack (Shockillaz Remix) [Expand Records]
09. Snook – Reality Junction [Warped Records]
10. M_Spark – Soviet Submarine (Parallax Breakz Remix) [RUNE Records]
11. Unconscious Mind(s) – Out of Here [Psychoactive Records]
12. Crab DJ’s ft. Bau – Tell Me The Truth [VIM Records]

Guest Mix – Kwah

01. Will Marshall – Anaconda (Andy Faze remix) [VIM records]
02. Dr Fish – Monotron (Project Synthetic remix) [VIM records]
03. MartOpeter – Don’t Push Me (Unconscious Mind(s) remix) [VIM records]
04. Forufreezer – Floating Balloon (Kwah remix) [In Bloom recordings]
05. Odissi – Dirty Secrets (Hedflux remix) [Lot 49]
06. Hedflux & neurodriver – Energy Vibration (Kwah remix) [Broken Robot]
07. Aggresivenes – More contempt (Too Dusty remix) [Elektroshok records]
08. Aggresivenes – Futurasia (Blazer remix) [Elektroshok records]
09. Snook – Within the Stream [Broken Robot]
10. Kwah – Proton Perspective (Mouldy Soul remix) [Forthcoming, Rune Recordings]
11. Kwah – Proton Perspective (Unconscious Mind(s) remix) [Forthcoming, Rune Recordings]
12. Kwah – Hypnotoad [Forthcoming, Rune Recordings]
13. Aleksey ElectroNic – Unreal (Bad Tango remix) [Rune Recordings]