Disc Breaks with Llupa – 200th show 4 hour Special – 26th April 2011

Apr 26, 2012 | Disc Breaks

and now we’re at 200 shows – bloody hell where did all that time go! As per the 100th I thought there’d be no better tribute than to host a 4 hour retrospective mix of all the tunes that have inspired me over the last few of years. a collection of older and more recent classics that have helped shape the Disc Breaks sound.

So, what has happened in the last centuries worth of shows? Wel…. a nomination at Breakspoll for Best Radio Show, a couple of awards at the NSB Radio Awards and a stack of amazing guest mixes from not just artists but labels too. Big thanks to everybody who I’ve had on the show since #100 – it’s a long list but here we go… Roma Khanov, Yreane, Abdomen Burst, Quadrat Beat, Kraymon, Farace, Diistortiion, Karton, Hedflux, Stylus Rex, Rick Tedesco, Clandestine, BSD, tOOk, Deibeat, Andy Faze, Blusoul, Peter Paul Vs Frank Lozano, Mesmer, Vim Records, Home Alone, Ego Shot Records, Logariddim Records, Trukers, James Warren, Geon, Cage Page, Diablo Loco Records, AP3X, Breaks.sk, Colombo, Choc St, Clair, BETA, Karl Sav, MDK, Fisso & Spark, The Lucky 23, Will Marshall, MartOpetEr, In Bloom Recordings and Roboteknic, phew……

I’d also like to send big love to everybody that tunes in, whether it’s live and in the chat room or via an archive or podcast – if it wasn’t for you I’m not sure I’d still be doing it. The random emails, tweets and facebook posts that come in from all over the globe really make doing this show so much more satisfying, so whether you’re new to the show or been here since the beginning – I thank you

Finally – haven’t they started playing the music by now 😉 – big shouts to the NSB Radio family. Really looking forward to finally putting some faces to all the names later this year.

Next Week – Guest Mix featuring an artist showcase mix from Skaarj

01. Elite Force – You (Hybrid Mix) [U&A Recordings]
02. Sasha – Cut Me Down (Retroid Remix) [CDR]
03. Blusoul – Vertigo Bender [Mistiquemusic]
04. Cloudbuster – Take Me To Your Heart [Exklusive Records]
05. The PQM Project – Love Of The Hour (Dan HabarNam Remix) [Abducted Recordings]
06. Coalesced – Minor Miracle [Composure Records (UK)]
07. Stefan Anion – Strangers (Aeron Aether Remix) [Silk Digital]
08. Hybrid – Original Sin [Retroid Remix] [Distinct’ive Records]
09. 9b0 – Antilightbulb (Beta Remix) [Glack Audio]
10. East Cafe – Flashback (Aeron Aether Remix) [ Morphosis Limited]
11. MDK feat. Siegfried – Interstellar Mission (Yanix Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
12. Line Of Sight – Stardust [Morphosis Records]
13. PMT – Gyromancer (False Prophet mix) [10 Kilo]
14. Meat Katie, Elite Force – NuTron [Adrift]
15. Atomic Hooligan – Shine A Light (Introspective Remix) [Botchit & Scarper]
16. Airwave – Chiricahua [L*C*D* Recordings]
17. Flack.su – T-Break (Aeron Aether Remix) [Glack Audio]
18. Introspective – Skanky [Sinister]
19. Santos – Combination [Mantra Vibes]
20. PMT – Necromancer [En:Vision Recordings]
21. Dan F – Zhenghe [Sound Of Habib]
22. Force Mass Motion – Out Of It [LOT49]
23. Dylan Rhymes – The Way [LOT49]
24. BETA – Trojan [Re:Connect Recordings]
25. C83 – Soul Path [En:Vision Recordings]
26. J Hazen – 700ft (Beta remix) [Sound Of Habib]
27. Dascyllus – Point Float [Inaspace Records]
28. Dan F – Interceptor [Disuye Records]
29. Plastic Shell – Moron [Ayra Recordings]
30. RMS & Peak – Ten Dimensions [Broken Robot Records]
31. Hyperion – On the Expressway [U&A Recordings]
32. Colombo – Nugatory [iBreaks]
33. Curl & Dean – Bantha (Beta Remix) [Scarcity Records]
34. Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo B Remix) [Orbital Music]
35. Mesmer – Stereo Rainbow (Aeron Aether Remix) [Scarcity Records]
36. 9b0 – Sad Cat (Flack.su Remix) [Glack Audio]
37. Skaarj – Digital Parasite [NFB]
38. Lostep – Villain [Global Underground]
39. Nomek – Bulgaria [Play Digital]
40. Parallax Breakz – Vulture [Bass Reflections]
41. Cuervo, Dezibelio – Overdrive (MDK Remix) [VIM Records]
42. Hedflux – Rhythm Prism [Broken Robot Records]
43. Bad Tango – Cortex [Broken Records]
44. Future Funk Squad, The Crystal Method – Isolate feat. Melody Klyman (Beta Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]
45. Alex Dolby – Hazy Way (Evil9 Remix) [Mantra Breaks]