Disc Breaks Interview – Fisso & Spark

Dec 21, 2011 | Disc Breaks

This special Christmas edition of the show we’re bringing you an exclusive guest mix from some guys that have been dropping some bombs this year – Fisso & Spark. I got into these guys when they hit Dead Famous and really liked their ability to mash styles and vibes between releases – never constrained to one sound, but never losing the consistent groove and vibes that they brought. They’ve had a really strong end to 2011 with a recent release on Highgrade and fantastic remix for Digital Sensation UK that I’ve been rinsing.

The guys answered some questions I threw at them with the full interview below – the guest mix will feature on tomorrows show.

Fisso & Spark

Fisso & Spark is the story of a great friendship, an unconditional love for music and a common dream.

Fisso and Spark’s paths first crossed in 2007, and from that spawned a studio partnership that saw them meld house, breaks and techno together and make it their mission to craft music that is giant in vibe.

In 2009 they proudly signed with Dead Famous Records with the well received single “You Are Right”. Taking inspiration from a great variety of styles they kept producing and remixing, specializing in breaky techno with great energy…

INTERVIEW – Fisso & Spark

How did you guys meet and decide to write tunes together?
Our path crossed in 2007 behind a dj console on a New Years Eve party where we ended up spinning some records together. There was a great vibe and flowing communication about music between us from the very start on and so we kept and doing music together. For a long time we were mixing on 3 decks and 2 mixers and recording hours and hours of sets…the wish to do our own tunes got stronger and so one day we sat down and get Fisso & Spark productions started!

From there on producing became a real passion and addiction at the same time. Beside the hours in studio we share also a great friendship, which is awesome.

Why breaks and what got you guys into it?
Labels such as Finger Lickin Records let us both fall in love with breaks in the beginning. At that time we were playing and producing a lot of drum and bass, but the flow, energy, creativity and groove of breakbeat just amazed us. We discovered that we could express our ideas much better in breaks and we had a hell of fun doing it.

How do you work together when crafting a new tune or a remix?
Fisso & Spark is a proper example of teamwork from the beginning till the end. Of course one day one comes up with a idea, the other day it´s the other way round, but work process is always done in two. Sometimes we have a different ways to approach a project, which is inspiring and keeps the work innovative.
For original tracks we mainly start with some freestyle sessions on synths and collect some ideas. We like to let the things flow and get inspired while doing it.
If we do a remix we try to keep the heart of the original adding our own touch.

What is your musical background?
Even if we come from different countries, we got a similar background. We grew up listening to a lot of different music back in the days. Which goes from hip hop to warehouse raves all over, were we collected lots of experience behind the decks.

What are your musical influences and who is exciting you musically at the moment?
Music is all the day with us, not only in studio. When we are not working on our project we really love to listen to other music genres. Because so much amazing things going on everywhere and it´s great to get inspired. Depending on the mood, it can be Coldplay, Florence and the Machine or Jay-Z. From the electronic side we listen to things like Guy Gerber, Skream, Robert Babicz, Chase and Status and many more…

What instruments do you play, if any?
Fisso plays Piano and Spark is into percussions.

When you sit down to write a tune, do you know what it’ll sound like at the end, or do you just go with whatever comes out at the time?
As we said we like improvisation but sometimes we already get into studio with some concrete ideas, for vocal, melodies, beats and so on…

What equipment do you use to produce and what is your favourite bit of studio kit?

For editing we work on Ableton Live, besides we got some Synths. The Virus Ti2 is definitely a top pick.

Do you write any other genres of music?
Fisso produces Tech House under the name Andrea Fissore and is realising on some wicked labels. Spark produces and releases progressive tunes under the alias 21 Hour.

What do you think of the current state of breaks worldwide and where do you see the future?
Colombo, Uktu S., A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts got amazing vibes. But there are some fresh upcoming talents with great energy as well such as Deenk, Home Alone, Ire or Paul Farace just to mention a few. Recently we have seen Elite Force playing here in Vienna, who did an amazing set. People like this are very important for breaks scene to push things forward. Sadly the popularity of breaks is not as big as it´s potential.

In what direction are you heading musically and what new releases have you got in store for us?
We are not too much into categorizing music. We just do what we love and right now this is funky breaks with massive grooves and heavy bass.
We got some upcoming releases on awesome labels such as Ground level, Kick It, VIM Records, High Grade, Dead Famous, Hard Hits, which we are really looking forward to. We were lucky to find so many great respectful people, it´s a pleasure for us to work with them.

What do you listen to that isn’t breaks?
We really listen to a great variety of music, from classical to dubstep …no borders.

What do you do when you’re not producing music?
Vienna is a great place to be and offers lots of things to do. We love hanging out with friends, enjoying great food or playing some gigs.
Fisso loves to travel with his girlfriend. He likes to read and has big passion for movies. Spark likes to cook for friends, to draw and edit videos and photos. If we aren´t so lazy we´d love to do some sports too

Show: Disc Breaks with Llupa ft. Fisso & Spark
Date: Thursday, 21st December, 2011
Time: 0900 – 1100 UK (8-10pm here in Melbourne)