Disc Breaks with Llupa – 142 – ft. Deibeat – 11th November 2010

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We have another cracker of a guest mix this week for you. A guy that I have been following for quite a while – Deibeat!
With classic tracks like We Rock The Party, Hitting The Jack and Time to Rock he’s forged a name is breaks for writing solid damn groovy tunes that are always quality, this was recently highlighted by the release of an Deibeat album sampler featuring 2 chunky tech funkery tunes of the highest order. Now working with The Pooty Club the mix is chock full of the groove based tech breaks and is one not to miss.
Deibeat took some time out to have a chat to me about the album and how he writes his tunes, the full interview is below.
Deibeat began being atractted by musical composition since he was a child, in a first step using some trackers, making beatbox or just with a pair of decks, but always trying to fix his own style.
He began to create his own sounds, his own music, his own electronic rythms. DeiBeat’s records and remixes started to cross the world at the same time that he won several remix competitions in Spain.
He has managed, with his sound, to turn into one of the most representative Spanish breaks producers worldwide and, he has been employed in multiple projects with best breaks labels.
He is also working as David Casal for Techno/House tracks.
Exclusive Interview for the Disc Breaks show:
Llupa : It’s great to see Deibeat back and this time with a whole album to drop on us. The album sampler has two great chunky tech funkery tunes on it ‘Start Fire’ and ‘Make The Day’, can you give us a feel of what the rest of the album is like? Is it all Deibeat or does some David Casal sneak in there
Deibeat : First I wanna thanks for your support and let me be part of your show. The album will have some tracks in the same style of the first sample but, this is the only clear thing at the moment because a part of the album is still not writen. The Pooty Club Records Staff, in which I am included recently, have decided to publish several samplers of the album, and then, the whole album with bonus tracks.
I hadn’t thought of including David Casal’s works but, it can be a good idea. We will include some collaborations from Pooty Club artist such as Baymont Bross.
Llupa : Most people would be aware of the two monikers you have, Deibeat for the breaks and David Casal for the straight stuff. When you approach a new tune do you have one of those hats on, or do you decide after the tune is written?
Deibeat : I use to decide first what style I wanna do but, if you are creating breaks sometimes happens that the vibe you’re
composing feels better with a 4 to floor or otherwise.
Llupa : What got you into writing music and have you had formal training or is it something that you’ve just developed?
Deibeat : I never had musical training, I’ve learned everything by myself, it’s much slower but never forgotten. I love the music since I was a child, and many members of my family used to play an instrument but I was not attracted by the instruments, I always wanted to get them together and create a full track.
Llupa : What would you cite as your musical influences?
Deibeat : It’s hard for me to find an answer to this question because I love all music but, if we focus on electronic music, I can tell you names such as Union Jack, Orbital, Chicane, Paul Oakenfold, Plump DJs, Hybrid, Chemical Brothers, BT, Crystal Method, Prodigy, Baymont Bross…., the list could be endless..
Llupa : Can you give us a run down of Deibeat studios and what pieces of kit could you not live without?
Deibeat : When computer-based secuencers were not too powefull i use to compose on Cubase with several electronic instruments. But, at this time, I never had enough money to buy hardware and have a good complete studio. Things started going better for me when the quality and power of sequencers and VST instruments began to increase more and more.
Currently I do all the work in Ableton Live using a very simple Home Studio. It consists of a pair of monitors Alesis M1 Active 620, a quad core PC and a new acquisition I can not live without, my Akai APC40.
Llupa : If we’re lucky enough to catch you play live what can we expect and what sort of setup do you use?
Deibeat : I used to play vinyls and CDs but now I’m preparing my sets on ableton live with Akai APC40.
Llupa : Will you be touring at all for the album and will be lucky enough to see you down here in Melbourne?
Deibeat : Now we are getting more exposure for me with The Pooty Club support and, finally, Beatport is supporting us too. We hope things start to going better now but, anyway, international tours for Spanish Breaks artist does not work too well but I have hope to get a tour and be at Melbourne before I go bald
Big thanks to Deibeat for the Guest mix and the interview – the mix is definitely one not to miss!
01. Evil Nine – Crooked (Bassbin Twins Mix) [Marine Parade]
02. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 [Kiwa Remix] [CDR]
03. Robosapiens – The Final Curtain Call [Dead Famous]
04. Karton All – You Need (Angry Pony Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
05. Superpolitik – I Could Dance (Vandal Remix) [Yellow Finger]
06. Home Alone – The Chameleons [Big Square Records]
07. Platinum Mules – The Hammer (Beat Assassins Remix) [Mofo Recordings]
08. BSD – Hard-n-Bass Mental [Machine Muzik]
09. Perpetual Present – Big Badger Theory [Dead Famous]
10. Aggresivnes – Essence [Electroshock Records]
11. Jellyfish, Andrey Mute – 3D Metric [Broken Robot Recordings]
12. Laurent Garnier – Gnanmankoudji (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [CDR]
Guest Mix – Deibeat
01. DeiBeat – Start Fire ( The Pooty Club Records – POOTY008D )
02. Headflux – Rhythm_Prism ( Broken Robot 12 CDR )
03. The Brainkiller – Purpose ( Eleltroshok CDR )
04. Stylus Rex – Volta ( Original Mix vs – Kiwa Remix – Ground Level – CDR )
05. Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder ( Baymont Bross Remix )
06. Leuce Rhythms – Bad Brain ( Bubu Remix – Scar City 017 – CDR )
07. Headflux – Revolve ( Broken Robot 12 CDR )
08. Beatshaker & Blender – Wooshi Wooshi (The Pooty Club Records – POOTY007)
09. DeiBeat – Nexus ( N-mitty Sound )
10. Neurodriver – Snake Charmer ( LuQas Remix – Broken Robot 11 – CDR )
11. Home Alone – The DJ ( Beatsmack Remix )
12. Deenk – Funky ( Funndark Records – CDR )
13. Boris Delugosh – Bangkok ( Krafty Kuts Re-Rub )