Disc Breaks with Llupa – 124 – ft. Abdomen Burst – 1st July 2010

Jul 1, 2010 | Disc Breaks

After a one week break, we’re back into the guest mixes here on the Disc Breaks show on NSB Radio – this time I’m very pleased to be bringing you an exclusive from one of the artists at the forefront of the eastern invasion of deep breakbeat – Abdomen Burst. He’s even given us an interview so you can find out more about the man behind the ‘burst before the show later tonight, so have a read and then make sure you’re locked to NSB Radio 9am GMT on the 1st as it’s a solid, solid mix of the deep stuff 😀
Abdomen Burst
[RUNE.UA, Lost Language.UK, Solaris.UK, Proton music.US, Proton Particles.US, Toes in the Sand.US, Silk Digital.RU, Morphosis.HU, Swordtail.AU, MistiqueMusic digital.GE, 7 Seas.HU]
Abdomen Burst is the solo-project of Russian Andrey Shyrokov, a rising star in the exploding Russian progressive scene. He first garnered attention with his 2008 debut release on Morphosis Records, and is poised to break out with his upcoming release on Toes in the Sand. Music runs in the family — his father was a drummer in a live band, influencing the breakbeat rhythms in Abdomen Burst’s productions. Combined with atmospheric sounds and beautiful melodies, his work contributes to the current renaissance of progressive breaks, as well as helping to establish Russia as a major force in the dance music world.
How have you come to breaks?
Certainly, not at once. Before that was the long way of thinking over and musical development. Plenty of non-official tracks in different styles have been written, in which I tried different sounding and experimented with the sound. They remained unused for a certain period. Maybe, 2005 is the year that I consider to be the turning point, when I understood, that only a breaks-music made my heart beat faster, in a rhythm with it. I like everything in it – from the speed (on one hand smooth and rhythmic, on the other hand – mighty power making all the body to move), to the track structure itself – rough sounding of bass line. I understood at that moment that I needed to bring into the world a piece of me, to show a potential of this music, so it could be even more interesting. Although I didn’t suspect at that moment the kind of the sound I’d come to by the end, I didn’t know it would be exactly progressive.
Who has inspired you?
Frankly saying, I have been inspiring myself with a plenty of brilliant compositions, but, in number of reasons, I had no idea about the authors of the music (but I knew DJs playing that tracks) Only now I can name already known names: Hybrid , BT, Digital Wichcraft, Abakus, Elite Force, Beta, Fretwell, Grayarea, Shiloh, Luke Chable and many others. Everyone of them has something the we can learn.
Nowadays, several years after, there are still the ones who inspire me even now – they are a project Far Too Loud – things that guys do with sound are fantastic – they are real masters in their field.
What is breaks for you? Please characterize your own style.
Breaks for me is maybe everything. I see opportunities in it, still not discovered. For me breaks is the best thing a mankind could invent (hehe)… And, if seriously, breaks is a means of image of my thoughts and feelings – everything I come across in my life – hardships, excitement – all of that I include into track and always hope that someone could “read” my “message”.
As for my own style – it is hard to say something. I may only say that style is not a whole thing.. Those who follow my creative work can already admit, that music by Abdomen Burst is a diversity, I even don’t know the character of a next track – would it be either beautiful and atmospheric or rough and hard, maybe all of that – that’s because I remain a music appreciator in my soul. As an every professional, I try to learn different music.
Heaving heard thousands of tracks, I have marked what a modern music needs the best, and have figured out a certain “formula” for me, which I exploit even now. It is quite simple – music should be, firstly, interesting from beginning to the end, it should attract a listener, so that he could recognize my composition at the first seconds, not paying attention to the matter whether DJ would mix that track or not.
Music by Abdomen Burst is integrated with lyric emotions, a lady’s vocal provides Your tracks with sensuality. Who is she, the Muse? : )
Frankly – I don’t know her name. : ) If being serious, all the vocal is artificial. Excluding one of the latest compositions, that comes very soon. Track is made together with a female singer from Hungary… Well, you will know everything soon.
Whom can you mark out from the perspective artist, labels (in Russia and in the world)?
I’m rather captious at quality, in spite of style, because when you begin to write music yourself, you begin to exanimate everything, so as following you can differ, where a musician was perfect, and where just one more “creation”, that can’t be remembered in a couple of days. To my regret, for me the last option mentioned is the most part of music released. Nevertheless, successful releases come out by many artists and labels that are made professionally, so it is a pleasure to hear them. So it happens that the best works must be searched and must be picked out precisely. That’s why it is very difficult to mark out someone, just mention several perspective ones: Digital Sensation, Scarcity and a new Ukrainian label RUNE recordings. And about perspective artists: Affective, Oleg Zubkov, Parallax Breakz, Phrakture.
How successfully is progressive-breaks developed in Russia?
I’d say that it is successful. Professional musicians, which write in such genre, may be counted on fingers, and most of them are those, who write music in rather different styles, and such compositions happen occasionally.
Whom of breaks-producers would you like to work with you?
Well, it would have been cool to work with projects as BETA, Tim Fretwell, Mesmer, as well as the monsters like FTL, Ctrl Z – only I don’t know, in which way to combine such a different sounding. : ) As referring to mutual creative plans, I could have worked with numerous breaks-producers, so who knows, what is a result of that kind of union. : )
Please tell us about your future plans, about personal development as artist.
Certainly, I’m not going to stop on the reached. I plan to move to big sites, make live concerts in clubs and open-airs, and create mutual projects. Undoubtedly, I dream to find “my own” sounding, own exclusive sound. 🙂 I wish to bring my project up to the highest level.
Your wishes to listeners of Disc Breaks. : )
It will be nice to find my new listener here, maybe, someone will know for the first time about me, that’s why I have added 2 new author’s compositions, that would tell about Abdomen Burst much more than I can describe in words. And to all of you I may say the following: as you are here together with me, then you are also not indifferent to that music. Thank You. And thanks to Tom for a nice opportunity to be his guest. : )
ah, back to the deep proggy stuff this week, featuring some fresh stuff from DSUK and RUNE Recordings and a very big thanks to Abdomen Burst for the quality guest mix. Also, thanks to RUNE for running the competition during the show and big ups to Burjuy for winning their first release, more comps to come so make sure you’re tuned in live .. 😉
01. Faskil – Clear Mayhem (Faskil’s Intro Mix)
02. Soak – Miraflores (Retroid Remix) [Underground Lessons]
03. The Emissary – Synapse (Fretwell Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
04. Yadek – Believe In Me (Llupa’s Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Records]
05. His Boy Elroy – Step Into The Light (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
06. Phrakture – In Absence (Helbot Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
07. Seth Vogt – Dont Turn Away (Oracle Breaks Remix) [M-Toxin Recordings]
08. Dascyllus – Tokamak [Sinister]
09. Parallax Breakz – Wisdom (Oleg Zubkov remix) [RUNE Recordings]
Guest Mix – Abdomen Burst
01. Soundprank – Drops [A Must Have]
02. Abdomen Burst – Sakkura [RUNE CD-R]
03. Ashland – Clear (Burufunk Mix) [Audio Therapy]
04. Jairus Miller – Fogged In (Breaks Mix) [Source Of Gravity Digital]
05. Mesmer – Le Food Feud  [Even Flow Recordings]
06. Sensorica & Aspecta – Timeless (Affective Break Up Mix) [Tranceport]
07. Abdomen Burst – Memories of Childhood [Lost Language CD-R]
08. Kickflip – Wonky Science (BETA Mix) [Breakin’ Even Records]
09. Mood Deluxe – Episode [Liquid Records]