Disc Breaks with Llupa – 122 – ft. Yreane- 17th June 2010

Jun 17, 2010 | Disc Breaks

Back again with another exclusive guest mix, this time from manager of XSSR, remixer, producer and DJ – Yreane. Another heading the Eastern Invasion, Yreane has been helping push the breakbeat sound now for years with releases and remixes out on the likes of Ayra, Scarcity and Yellow Finger, with loads more in the pipeline, always on the deep heavier tip and always quality. His mix has plenty of exclusive new tracks from XSSR among others, so make sure you grab this one!
Yreane otherwise known as Boris Prokhorov, started his musical career in Moscow in his very early teens playing guitar in some rock bands. After discovering Prodigy, Chemical Bros and The Crystal Method, around the age of 17, Yreane began his fascination with electronic music.
Through TCM and Hyper albums and live sets from Hybridized.org he came to breaks style. And fell in love with it.
In 2002 with his friend Dmitry Spirin aka MipH he creates the biggest russian web project about breaks – bbz.ru. But in 2006 he gave up with that project and organized his own Breaks Review Show on the Internet Big Beat Radio.
After guest mixes from Peter Paul, Elite Force, Introspective, Jinx and other breaks stars, Breaks Review Show was getting more and more popular. And in spring 2008 has achieved a new level – NSB Radio.
In 2007 Boris made his first steps in music production. After making his debut remix for Evil 9’s ‘For Lovers Not Fighters’ remix competition, which was supported by several not only local DJs, Yreane has been continuing his remixing work for Cristian Paduraru. His first release – Reality remix – out on Cristian Recordings.
After meeting Mars in 2008, Yreane became XSSR Music manager.
2009 was a good year for Yreane. His remixes on Ayra Recs and Scarcity hits the Beatport Top 100. He continued his success in 2010 with Erase Records and VIM Recs. His music gets cool reactions from such famous producers as Far Too Loud, Access Denied, 4Kuba, Beatman & Ludmilla, Diverted and others.
After stuffing my back up this week rather than mixing live I played an old mix from mine from ’07, lots os classic on there, hope you enjoy the trip… and a massive thanks to Yreane for a guest mix chock full of tasty and exclusive tunage – great mix mate!
01. Feuerhake – The Key [Synergetic Records]
02. Oxygen – Inside Me (Dan F Remix) [Release Grooves]
03. Downpressor – Oxygen [Ritmic Records]
04. Dascyllus – Point Float [Inaspace]
05. Llupa – Parabolica [Underground Lessons]
06. Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili (AFK’s Moon Over Myakka Remix) [Ritual Sounds]
07. UNKLE – Reign (False Prophet Remix) [Global Underground]
08. Silencer – Drown In Me (Silencer Beats Mix) [Crictical Mass]
09. Dan F & Jariten – Halo (Hi 8 Remix) [Sound of Habib]
10. Beta – Trojan [Re:Connect Recordings
11. Realm – Ion (Flack.su Remix) [Ritmic Records]
12. Neo – Aura (Cosmonaut Remix) [Electrofly]
Guest Mix – Yreane
01. BSD – Hypnotizin’ (Original) [iBreaks]
02. Oblong ft Adam Parker – Playing On My Mind (Elite Force remix) Peace Breakers Re Edit [CDR]
03. DJ Generous – Get Away (DJ Voorhees Remix) [CDR]
04. Access Denied – Paranoia (Original) [iBreaks]
05. Break The Box – Go Easy (Anarchy Rice Remix) [Dead Famous]
06. Lee Coombs – Detox (Access Denied remix) [LOT49]
07. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (Kiwa remix) [CDR]
08. Refracture – Believe (EK Remix) [Ridiculoud]
09. Plump DJs – Scrammed (Elite Force mix) [U&A]
10. Quadrat Beat – Round One (Original) [XSSR Music]
11. Vlad Sokolov & Mini Da Minx – Frisk My Disko (Peter Paul vs Marc Fox Remix) [Sokolov Sounds]
12. Karton – We Bleed (Club mix) [Sound Of Habib]
13. Andrey Mute – Landmine (Karton remix) [XSSR Music]
14. Afghan Headspin – MSG (Karton remix) [Valium]